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IGNOU BA English Books

Our organization specializes in providing books of the student of IGNOU BA English Books. These books consists of relevant information, which is well known by experienced authors. It also consists of previous solved question papers.

IGNOU BA English Books

BEGE-106 Understanding Poetry

BEGE-106 Understanding Poetry

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BEGE-106 Understanding Poetry


Block- 1 Early Modern English Poets
Unit-1 Why Read a Poem? and, How to Study Understanding Poetry?
Unit-2 On Metre, Scansion and, Prosody
Unit-3 William Shakespeare’s Sonnets
Unit-4 John Milton
Unit-5 John Donne
Unit-6 Andrew Marvell

Block- 2 The Long Eighteenth Century
Unit-7 John Dryden: Mac Flecknoe
Unit-8 Alexander Pope: An Essay on Man
Unit-9 Samuel Johnson: The Vanity of Human Wishes
Unit-10 Thomas Gray: Elegy Written in a Country Churchyard

Block- 3 The Romantic Poets
Unit-11 William Wordsworth
Unit-12 S.T. Coleridge
Unit-13 Lord Byron
Unit-14 P.B. Shelley
Unit-15 John Keats

Block- 4 The Great Victorian Poets
Unit-16 Alfred, Lord Tennyson
Unit-17 Robert Browning
Unit-18 Matthew Arnold
Unit-19 Gerard Manley Hopkins
Unit-20 Thomas Hardy and D.H. Lawrence

Block- 5 The High Modernist, Postmodernist and Recent Poets
Unit-21 William Butler Yeats
Unit-22 T.S. Eliot
Unit-23 Philip Larkin
Unit-24 Ted Hughes
Unit-25 Seamus Heaney

Block- 6 The American Poets-I
Unit-26 Ralph Waldo Emerson
Unit-27 Walt Whitman
Unit-28 Edgar Allan Poe
Unit-29 Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
Unit-30 Emily Dickinson

Block- 7 The American Poets-II
Unit-31 Robert Frost
Unit-32 William Carlos Williams
Unit-33 Wallace Stevens
Unit-34 Langston Hughes
Unit-35 Allen Ginsberg

Block- 8 Indian English Poets
Unit-36 Rabindranath Tagore and Sarojini Naidu
Unit-37 Nissim Ezekiel and Kamala Das
Unit-38 A.K. Ramanujan and Jayant Mahapatra
Unit-39 Arun Kolatkar and Agha Shahid Ali
Unit-40 Dilip Chitre and Keki N. Daruwalla

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BEGE-101/ EEG-01 From Language to Literature

BEGE-101/ EEG-01 From Language to Literature


Block- 1 Content Vocabulary-1
Unit-1 Extension of Meaning-1
Unit-2 Extension of Meaning-2: Figures of Speech
Unit-3 Multiple Meaning-1
Unit-4 Multiple Meaning-2
Unit-5 Overlap of Meaning-1
Unit-6 Ovelap of Meaning-2

Block- 2 Content Vocabulary-2
Unit-7 Confusion of Semantic and Structural Criteria
Unit-8 Avoiding the Use of Wrong Analogies
Unit-9 Study of Literary Texts-1
Unit-10 Study of Literary Texts-2

Block- 3 Structure Words
Unit-11 Structure Words-1
Unit-12 Structure Words-2 : The Articles
Unit-13 Structure Words-3 : Auxiliaries
Unit-14 Structure Words-4 Prepositions
Unit-15 Structure Words in Discourse-1
Unit-16 Structure Words in Discourse-2

Block- 4 Phrasal Verbs : Word-Formation
Unit-17 Phrasal Verbs-1
Unit-18 Phrasal Verbs-2
Unit-19 Word-Formation-1
Unit-20 Word-Formation-2

Block- 5 Literary Devices
Unit-21 Sound Patterns
Unit-22 Figures of Speech-1
Unit-23 Figures of Speech-2
Unit-24 Figures of Speech-3
Unit-25 Figures of Speech-4

Block- 6 Rhetorical Devices
Unit-26 An Introduction to Rhetoric
Unit-27 Structure and Style
Unit-28 Use of Repetition
Unit-29 Use of Questions
Unit-30 Study of a Text

Block- 7 Communicative Functions and Grammatical Structure
Unit-31 Language Form and Function
Unit-32 Using Language for Communicative Functions
Unit-33 Doing Things with Language : Appropriateness
Unit-34 Doing Things with Language : Politeness
Unit-35 Requests, Offers and Invitations
Unit-36 Examples From Literature

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5. Question Paper - June 2008
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7. Question Paper - June 2009
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9. Question Paper - June 2010
10. Question Paper - Dec 2010
11.Solution Paper - June 2011
12.Solution Paper - Dec 2011
13. Solution Paper - June 2012

Rs. 140 (Minimum Discount 40%) and Postage Charges Extra 
No. of Pages: 228
Author : G.K. Khatri
ISBN : 81-89086-90-1.

BEGE-102/ EEG-02 The Structure of Modern English

Block- 1 Phonetics and Phonology - 1
Unit-1 An Introduction to Phonetics
Unit-2 English Vowels-1
Unit-3 English Vowels-2
Unit-4 English Consonants-1
Unit-5 English Consonants-2
Block- 2 Phonetics and Phonology - 2
Unit-6 Word Stress
Unit-7 Stress and Rhythm in Connected Speech
Unit-8 Intonation-1
Unit-9 Intonation-2
Unit-10 Intonation-3
Block- 3 Morphology - 1
Unit-11 Words and their Elements
Unit-12 Morphology: Some More Basics Concepts
Unit-13 Inflectional Morphology of English-1
Unit-14 Inflectional Morphology of English-2
Unit-15 Inflectional Morphology of English-3
Block- 4 Morphology - 2
Unit-16 Derivational Morphology-1
Unit-17 Derivational Morphology-2
Unit-18 Derivational Morphology-3
Unit-19 Word Compounding-1
Unit-20 Other Word Formation Processes
Block- 5 Syntax-1: Sentence Structure - 1
Unit-21 What is a Sentence?
Unit-22 Basic Sentence Patterns
Unit-23 The Subject
Unit-24 The Nature of the Predicate : The Verb
Unit-25 Objects and Complements
Block-6 Syntax-2: Sentence Structure - 2
Unit-26 Adverbials
Unit-27 Negatives
Unit-28 Questions
Unit-29 Imperative and Exclamations
Block- 7 Compound and Complex Sentences
Unit-30 Clause Types and Sentence Types
Unit-31 Compound Sentences
Unit-32 Compound Sentences-1
Unit-33 Compound Sentences-2
Unit-34 Compound Sentences-3

Block- 8 Syntax-4: The Noun Phrase and The Verb Phrase
Unit-35 The Noun Phrase-1 The Head : Pre-modification
Unit-36 The Noun Phrase-2 Post-modification : The Relative Clause
Unit-37 The Noun Phrase-3 Post-modification : The Prepositional Phrase
Unit-38 The Verb Phrase-1 Lexical, Auxiliary and Phrasal Verbs
Unit-39 The Verb Phrase-2 Tense; Aspect; Modality
1. Solution Paper - June 2009
2. Solution Paper - Dec 2009
3. Solution Paper - June 2010
4. Solution Paper - Dec 2010
5. Solution Paper - June 2011
6. Solution Paper - Dec 2011
7. Solution Paper - June 2012
Rs. 140 (Minimum Discount 40%) and Postage Charges Extra 
No. of Pages: 231
Author : GPH Panel of experts
ISBN : 978-93-81970-17-1.

BEGE-102/ EEG-02 The Structure of Modern English

BEGE-103 Communication Skills in English

BEGE-103 Communication Skills in English


Block - 1 Some Concepts for Communication in English

Unit-1 English – In India, and the World
Unit-2 Global English and Indian English
Unit-3 The Globalization of Communications: A Global Village
Unit-4 Globalization and Communication Skills
Unit-5 Verbal and Non-verbal Communication

Block - 2 Listening and Speaking in Informal Contexts

Unit-6 Informal Interpersonal Functions
Unit-7 Small Talk
Unit-8 Making Enquiries/Asking Questions
Unit-9 Agreeing and Disagreeing
Unit-10 Conversation Conventions

Block - 3 Listening and Speaking in Formal Contexts

Unit-11 Preparing for Interviews
Unit-12 Interview and Job Search Etiquette
Unit-13 Group Discussions and Meetings
Unit-14 Oral Presentation Skills and Public Speaking – 1
Unit-15 Oral Presentation Skills and Public Speaking – 2

Block - 4 Writing

Unit-16 Writing a CV or a Resume
Unit-17 Letters: Structure and Conventions
Unit-18 The Language of Formal Letters
Unit-19 Some kinds of Formal Letters
Unit-20 Job Related Letters

Block - 5 Print Media

Unit-21 Language of Formal Reports
Unit-22 Some Kinds of Official Reports
Unit-23 Writing Summaries and Notes
Unit-24 Writing for Print – 1
Unit-25 Writing for Print – 2

Block - 6 Mediated Communication

Unit-26 Mediated Communication
Unit-27 The Radio
Unit-28 Television
Unit-29 Producing Content for Radio and Television
Unit-30 Listening to English over the Media

Block - 7 The World Wide Web and Corporate
Unit-31 Networks and Multimedia
Unit-32 Writing for the World Wide Web
Unit-33 Corporate Communications
Unit-34 Using the Right Words: American or British
Unit-35 Language Skills for Web Content Writing

Block - 8 Using Language for Communications: Rhetoric and Argumentation
Unit-36 The Non – literal Use of Language
Unit-37 Rhetoric and Grammar
Unit-38 A First Guide to Argumentation
Unit-39 More Fallacies and Arguments in Advertising
Unit-40 Presuppositions, Dilemmas and Language


1. Solution Paper - Dec 2010
2. Solution Paper - June 2011
3. Solution Paper - Dec 2011
4. Solution Paper - June 2012

Rs. 140 (Minimum Discount 40%) 
and Postage Charges Extra 
No. of Pages: 222
Author : GPH Panel of Experts
ISBN : 978-93-81970-67-6.

EEG-4 English for Practical Purpose


Block- 1 Science and Technology : Reading Comprehension-1
Unit-1 English for Practical Purposes : An Introduction
Unit-2 Reading and Comprehension Skills-1
Unit-3 Reading and Comprehension Skills-2
Unit-4 Reading and Comprehension Skills-3
Unit-5 Reading and Comprehension Skills-4

Block- 2 Science and Technology : Reading Comprehension-2
Unit-6 Petroleum by John W. Harbaugh
Unit-7 A Classification of Automatic Computers by Herbert Hellerman
Unit-8 The Stem Cell by David W. Golde
Unit-9 Cost of Coal Combustion by K.C. Sahu
Unit-10 Venus : Infernos in Disguise

Block- 3 Science and Technology : Writing Skills-1
Unit-11 Writing Definitions and Descriptions
Unit-12 Writing Process Explanations and Procedures
Unit-13 Paragraph Writing
Unit-14 Generalization, Classification Exemplification
Unit-15 Writing Instructions and Illustrations

Block- 4 Science and Technology : Writing Skills-2
Unit-16 Elements of a Report
Unit-17 Technical Reports : Writing Strategies
Unit-18 Writing Abstracts
Unit-19 Oral Presentation-1
Unit-20 Oral Presentation-2

Block- 5 Business Communication : Reading Skills
Unit-21 Reading Comprehension-1
Unit-22 Reading Comprehension-2
Unit-23 Reading Comprehension-3
Unit-24 Reading Comprehension-4
Unit-25 Reading Comprehension-5

Block- 6 Business Communication : Writing Skills-1
Unit-26 Mechanics of Writing Business Letters
Unit-27 Business Correspondence
Unit-28 Letters about Jobs

Block- 7 Business Communication : Writing Skills-2
Unit-29 Memos
Unit-30 Announcements, Circular Letter, Notices and Agendas
Unit-31 Taking Notes & Preparing Minutes
Unit-32 Writing Reports 1
Unit-33 Writing Reports 2

Block- 8 Business Communication : Oral Skills
Unit-34 Face-to-Face Communication VS Telephonic Communication & Sending Memos
Unit-35 Different Types of Face-to-Face Interactions
Unit-36 Greetings at the Workplace
Unit-37 Conducting and Participating in Meetings and Discussions
Unit-38 Conducting and Facing Interviews
Unit-39 Business Presentations

Solution Paper - June 2006
2. Solution Paper - Dec 2006
3. Solution Paper - June 2007
4. Solution Paper - June 2008
5. Question Paper - Dec 2008
6. Question Paper - June 2009
7. Question Paper - Dec 2009
8. Question Paper - June 2010
9. Question Paper - Dec 2010
10. Question Paper - June 2011
11. Question Paper - Dec 2011
Rs. 120 (Minimum Discount 40%) and Postage Charges Extra 
No. of Pages: 242
Author : Dinesh Veerma, Pratibha Thakur
ISBN : 978-93-81638-25-5.

EEG-4 English for Practical Purpose

BEGE-104 English for Business Communication

BEGE-104 English for Business Communication


Block- 1 Recruitment-I
Unit-1 Getting Ready for the Job Market
Unit-2 Preparing a Portfolio
Unit-3 Responding to Advertisements
Unit-4 Writing a CV and Letter of Application

Block- 2 Recruitment-II
Unit-1 Preparing for Interviews
Unit-2 Facing Interviews
Unit-3 Phone and Walk-in Interviews
Unit-4 Group Discussions

Block- 3 Business Etiquette and Profiles
Unit-1 Greetings
Unit-2 Importance of Small Talk in Business
Unit-3 Business Organisations
Unit-4 Jobs and Responsibilities

Block- 4 Using Telephone at the Workplace
Unit-1 Features of Telephone Communication
Unit-2 Making arrangements and Appointments
Unit-3 Leaving and taking messages
Unit-4 Voice Mail, Video Conferencing and Conference Calls

Block- 5 Writing Skills: Internal and External Business Correspondence
Unit-1 Modes of Communication
Unit-2 Internal Business Correspondence-I
Unit-3 Internal Business Correspondence-II
Unit-4 External Business Correspondence-I
Unit-5 External Business Correspondence-II

Block- 6 Making Presentations at the Workplace
Unit-1 Presentation Skills-I: Essentials of Presentation Skills
Unit-2 Presentation Skills-II: Outlines and Structures
Unit-3 Presentation Skills-III: Using visual aids
Unit-4 Presentation Skills-IV: The ending
Unit-5 Telephone Presentations

Block- 7 Participating in Meetings at the Workplace
Unit-1 Setting the Agenda and Planning a Meeting
Unit-2 Types of Meetin
Unit-3 Conducting and Participating in Meetings-I: Role of the Chairperson
Unit-4 Conducting and Participating in Meetings-II

Block- 8 Proposals and Reports
Unit-1 Basic Features of Proposals
Unit-2 Project Proposals
Unit-3 Reports-I
Unit-4 Reports-II

1. Solution Paper - Dec 2012

Rs. 160 (Minimum discount 40%) and Postage Charges Extra
No. of Pages : 247
Author : GPH Panel of Experts
ISBN : 978-93-81970-84-3.

BEGE-105/ EEG-05 Understanding Prose


Block- 1 Descriptive Prose
Unit-1 ‘Understanding Prose’ : An Introduction
Unit-2 Descriptive Prose -1
Unit-3 Descriptive Prose -2
Unit-4 Descriptive Prose -3

Block- 2 Narrative Prose
Unit-5 Narrative Prose-1
Unit-6 Narrative Prose-2
Unit-7 Narrative Prose-3

Block- 3 Expository Prose
Unit-8 Expository Prose-1
Unit-9 Expository Prose-2
Unit-10 Expository Prose-3
Unit-11 Expository Prose-4

Block- 4 Forms of Prose: Short Story
Unit-12 Introduction to the Short Story
Unit-13 ‘Mother’ by Judah Waten
Unit-14 ‘Misery’ by Anton Chekhov
Unit-15 ‘The Other Woman’ by Dina Mehta
Unit-16 ‘The Legacy’ by Virginia Woolf

Block- 5 The Novel: The Binding Vine
Unit-17 General Introduction to the Indian English Novel
Unit-18 The Binding Vine by Shashi Deshpande : Plot
Unit-19 Themes
Unit-20 Characterisation
Unit-21 Technique

Block- 6 Non-Fictional Prose-I: Essays, Letters, Travelogues
Unit-22 Francis Bacon: “Of Great Place”
Unit-23 Jamaica Kincaid: “On Seeing England for the First Time”
Unit-24 Charles Lamb: “A Dissertation upon Roast Pig”
Unit-25 Jawaharlal Nehru: Letter to Indira Gandhi - ‘The Quest of Man’
Unit-26 Bill Aitken: Travels by a Lesser Line ‘Last Resort in the South’ and ‘The Poetic Diction of Steam’

Block- 7 Non-Fictional Prose-II: Biography, Autobiography, Diary and Speeches
Unit-27 Boswell’s: Life of Johnson
Unit-28 M.K. Gandhi’s: An Autobiography or The Story of My Experiments with Truth
Unit-29 Anne Frank’s: The Diary of a Young Girl
Unit-30 Margaret Laurence’s: “My Final Hour”

Question Papers
1. Solution Paper - Dec 2009
2. Solution Paper - June 2010
3. Solution Paper - Dec 2010
4. Solution Paper - June 2011
5. Solution Paper - Dec 2011
6. Solution Paper - June 2012

Rs. 160 (Minimum Discount 40%) 
and Postage Charges Extra 
No. of Pages: 216
Author : Kritika Bhardwaj
ISBN : 978-93-81970-85-0.

BEGE-105/ EEG-05 Understanding Prose

EEG-6 Understanding Poetry

EEG-6 Understanding Poetry


Block- 1 Shakespeare and Milton
Unit-1 Introduction to Poetry
Unit-2 Shakespeare
Unit-3 John Milton

Block- 2 Donne, Pope and Gray
Unit-4 John Donne
Unit-5 Alexander pope
Unit-6 Thomas Gray

Block- 3 The Romantic Poets
Unit-7 William Wordsworth
Unit-8 S.T. Coleridge
Unit-9 Lord Byron
Unit-10 Shelley
Unit-11 John Keats

Block- 4 Victorian Poetry
Unit-12 Alfred Lord Tennyson
Unit-13 Robert Browning
Unit-14 Matthew Arnold
Unit-15 Thomas Hardy and Robert Bridges

Block- 5 The Modern Poets
Unit-16 W.B. Yeats
Unit-17 T.S. Eliot
Unit-18 Auden and Spender

Block- 6 The American Poets
Unit-19 Ralph Waldo Emerson
Unit-20 Walt Whitman
Unit-21 H.W. Longfellow and Edgar Allan Poe
Unit-22 Emily Dickinson
Unit-23 Robert Frost

Block- 7 The Indian Poets
Unit-24 Rabindranath Tagore and Sarojini Naidu
Unit-25 Nissim Ezekiel and Kamala Das
Unit-26 A.K. Ramanujan and Jayant Mahapatra

1. Solution Paper - June 2006
2. Solution Paper - Dec 2006
3. Solution Paper - June 2007
4. Solution Paper - June 2008
5. Question Paper - Dec 2008
6. Question Paper - June 2009
7. Question Paper - Dec 2009
8. Question Paper - June 2010
9. Question Paper - Dec 2010
10. Question Paper - June 2011
11. Solution Paper - Dec 2011
12. Solution Paper - June 2012
13. Question Paper - Dec 2012
14. Question Paper - June 2013

Rs. 140 (Minimum Discount 40%) and Postage Charges Extra 
No. of Pages: 178
Author : Pratibha Thakur
ISBN : 978-93-81638-82-8.

EEG-7 Understanding Drama


Block- 1 One Act Plays-I
Unit-1 Introduction to One Act Plays
Unit-2 The Bishop's Candlesticks-1
Unit-3 The Bishop's Candlesticks-2

Block- 2 One Act Plays-II
Unit-4 Refund
Unit-5 Refund (Contd.)
Unit-6 The Monkey's Paw

Block- 3 Macbeth
Unit-7 Background Study to the Play & Discussion : Act I
Unit-8 Discussion : Acts I & II
Unit-9 Discussion : Act III
Unit-10 Discussion : Acts IV & V
Unit-11 Characterization & Techniques

Block- 4 A Doll's House : A Study Guide
Unit-12 Introduction
Unit-13 Critical Analysis Acts I & II
Unit-14 Critical Analysis : Acts III and Dramatic Techniques
Unit-15 Themes and Characterization
Unit-16 Introduction to Drama

Block- 5 Arms and the Man : A study Guide
Unit-17 Arms and the Man -1
Unit-18 Arms and the Man -2
Unit-19 Arms and the Man -3
Unit-20 Arms and the Man -4

Block- 6 Ghashiram Kotwal : A Study Guide
Unit-21 Introduction
Unit-22 Background and Plot
Unit-23 Themes and Characterization
Unit-24 Dramatic Techniques

Solution Paper - June 2006
2. Solution Paper - Dec 2006
3. Solution Paper - June 2007
4. Solution Paper - June 2008
5. Question Paper - Dec 2008
6. Question Paper - June 2009
7. Question Paper - Dec 2009
8. Question Paper - June 2010

Rs. 100 (Minimum Discount 40%) and Postage Charges Extra 
No. of Pages: 142
Author : Pratibha Thakur
ISBN : 978-93-81638-22-4.

EEG-7 Understanding Drama

BEGE-108/ EEG-08 Reading The Novel

BEGE-108/ EEG-08 Reading The Novel


Block- 1 The Novel : An Introduction
Unit-1 Introduction to the Novel
Unit-2 Aspects of the Novel

Block- 2 A Tale of Two Cities
Unit-3 Introductory : A Tale of Two Cities
Unit-4 Reading the Text – Books I & II
Unit-5 Reading the Text – Book III
Unit-6 The French Revolution
Unit-7 Dickens’s Treatment of the French Revolution
Unit-8 The Two Worlds of A Tale of Two Cities

Block- 3 The Scarlet Letter
Unit-9 Hawthorne the Novelist : A Review of this Literary Career
Unit-10 The Socio-Cultural Background of The Scarlet Letter
Unit-11 Reading the Novel
Unit-12 Characterization
Unit-13 Themes and Their Expression Through Imagery
Unit-14 Structure, Narrative Techniques and Special Features

Block- 4 Nineteen Eighty-Four
Unit-15 Orwell : The Man, His Work and His Times
Unit-16 Reading the Novel
Unit-17 The Novel as Utopia, Anti-Utopia, Dystopia
Unit-18 The Political and Existential Concerns of 1984
Unit-19 Aspects of Nineteen Eighty-Four

Block- 5 Things Fall Apart
Unit-20 Africa : A brief historical survey
Unit-21 The African novel in English : An introduction
Unit-22 Literature and Society in Nigeria
Unit-23 Chinua Achebe : Life and Works
Unit-24 Things Fall Apart : Detailed Analysis
Unit-25 Specific Features of Things Fall Apart

Block- 6 Sunlight on a Broken Column
Unit-26 An Introduction to the Indian Novel in English
Unit-27 Socio-Cultural Context of Sunlight on a Broken Column
Unit-28 Reading the Novel
Unit-29 Theme and Characterization
Unit-30 Critical Assessment
Unit-31 Other Similar Novels

Block- 7 Paraja
Unit-32 Paraja An Introduction
Unit-33 The Cultural Context of Paraja
Unit-34 Paraja : A Novel in Translation
Unit-35 Theme and Plot
Unit-36 Characterization

Block- 8 The Novel : A Retrospective
Unit-37 The Novel : A Conclusion
Unit-38 Critical Perspectives
Unit-39 Futures of the Novel

Solution Paper - June 2006
2. Solution Paper - Dec 2006
3. Solution Paper - June 2007
4. Solution Paper - Dec 2007
5. Solution Paper - June 2008
6. Solution Paper - Dec 2008
7. Question Paper - June 2009
8. Question Paper - Dec 2009

Rs. 140 (Minimum discount 40%) and Postage Charges Extra 
No. of Pages: 158
Author : Pratibha Thakur
ISBN : 978-93-81638-26-2.

BEGE-107 Understanding Drama


Block- 1 Drama : An Introduction
Unit-1 Drama and Theater
Unit-2 One Act Plays
Unit-3 Aspects of Drama
Unit-4 Different Types of Drama
Unit-5 Developments in 20th Century Drama

Block- 2 Julius Caesar
Unit-6 Drama Around Shakespeare
Unit-7 Shakespeare’s Life and Works
Unit-8 Structure and Style of the Play Julius Caesar
Unit-9 Theme and Characterization

Block- 3 Arthur Miller
Unit-10 American Drama around Arthur Miller
Unit-11 All My Sons: A Detailed Study
Unit-12 Thematic Concerns in All My Sons
Unit-13 Characterization in All My Sons

Block- 4 Halfway House
Unit-14 Mohan Rakesh: Life, Times, Works
Unit-15 Halfway House: A Reading
Unit-16 Middle Class Concerns in Halfway House
Unit-17 Women and Society in Halfway House
Unit-18 Dramatic Form in Mohan Rakesh’s Halfway House

Block- 5 The Trial of Dedan Kimathi
Unit-19 African and Kenyan History and Drama in Kenya
Unit-20 Ngugi Wa Thiong’O’s Life, Literature and Ideology
Unit-21 The Trial of Dedan Kimathi- Critical Summary
Unit-22 The Trial of Dedan Kimathi- An Evaluation

Block- 6 Ghashiram Kotwal: A Study Guide
Unit-23 Ghashiram Kotwal
Unit-24 Background and Plot
Unit-25 Themes and Characterisation
Unit-26 Dramatic Techniques

1. Solution Paper - June 2011
2. Solution Paper - Dec 2011
3. Solution Paper - June 2012
4. Solution Paper - Dec 2012
5. Solution Paper - June 2013

Rs.140 (Minimum Discount 40%) 
and Postage Charges Extra 
No. of Pages : 190

Author : GPH Panel of Experts
ISBN : 978-93-81970-87-4.

BEGE-107 Understanding Drama

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