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IGNOU Diploma in Nutrition and Health Education (DNHE)


DNHE-1 Nutrition for the Community

DNHE-1 Nutrition for the Community


Block- 1 Basic Concepts in Nutrition-I
Unit-1 Food Nutrition and Health
Unit-2 Macronutrients-I: Carbohydrates and Water
Unit-3 Macronutrients-II: Proteins and Lipids
Block 2 Basic Concepts in Nutrition-II
Unit-4 Macronutrients-I: Vitamins
Unit-5 Macronutrients-II: Minerals
Unit-6 Planning Balanced Diets
Block 3 Meal Planning
Unit-7 Principles of Meal Planning and Meal Planning for the Adult
Unit-8 Meal Planning for Pregnant and Lactating Women
Unit-9 Meal Planning for Infants anf Preschoolers
Unit-10 Meal Planning for the School Child and Adolescent
Block- 4 Effective Utilization of Food Resources
Unit-11 Food Budgeting
Unit-12 Food Selection-I
Unit-13 Food Selection-II
Unit-14 Food Storage
Unit-15 Food Preservation and Other Methods of Maximisation of Nutritional Benefit
Unit- 16 Food Safety
Block- 5 Nutrition Related Disorders
Unit-17 Major Deficiency Diseases-I : PEM and Xerophthalmia
Unit-18 Major Deficiency Diseases-II : Anemia and Iodine Deficiency Disorders
Unit-19 Other Nutritional Problems
Unit-20 Nutrition and Infection
Unit-21 Dietary Management of Obesity, Coronary Heart Disease and Diabetes Mellitus
Unit-22 Maternal Malnutrition
Block- 6 Nutrition Programmes
Unit-23 Nutrient Deficiency Control Programmes
Unit-24 Supplementary Feeding Programmes
Unit-25 Assessment of Nutritional Status
1. Solution Paper - June 2010
2. Solution Paper - Dec 2010
3. Solution Paper - June 2011
4. Solution Paper - Dec 2011
5. Solution Paper - June 2012
6. Solution Paper - Dec 2012
7. Solution Paper - June 2013

Rs. 140 (Minimum Discount 40%) 
and Postage Charges Extra 
No. of Pages: 172
Author: Anshu Chaturvedi
ISBN : 978-93-82688-43-3.

DNHE-2 Public Health and Hygiene


Block-1 Health Indicators

Unit-1 Population Dynamics and Epidemiology

Unit-2 Family Planning Programme

Unit-3 Asian Perspectives on Health and Quality of Life
Block-2 Environmental Sanitation and Safety

Unit-4 Agents of Contamination

Unit-5 Water Supply and Waste Disposal

Unit-6 Personal Hygiene

Unit-7 Public and Home Safety

Block-3 Dietary Management of Disease

Unit-8 Diet in Disease: Basic Principles

Unit-9 Dietary Management of Nutrition related Disorders and

Associated Problems

Unit-10 Dietary Management of Disorders of Non-nutritional Origin

Block-4 Food-borne Diseases, Food Infections and Intoxications

Unit-11 Common Food-borne Diseases-I

Unit-12 Common Food-borne Diseases-II

Unit-13 Parasitic Infestations

Unit-14 Food Infections and Intoxications

Block-5 Common Infections and Infectious Diseases

Unit-15 Measles, Tuberculosis and Whooping Cough

Unit-16 Diphtheria, Tetanus and Poliomyelitis

Unit-17 Malaria

Unit-18 Skin, Eye and Ear Infections

Block-6 Public Health

Unit-19 Primary HealthCare-I: Concept and Organisation

Unit-20 Primary HealthCare-II: Current Status in India

Unit-21 Primary HealthCare-III: Delivery of Services

Unit-22 Health Programmes

Unit-23 Income Generation Programmes

Unit-24 Environmental Protection

Question Papers

1. Solution Paper-June: 2011

2. Solution Paper -December: 2011

3. Solution Paper -June: 201

4. Solution Paper- December: 2012

5. Solution Paper -June: 2013

6. Solution Paper- December: 2013

Rs. 160 (Minimum Discount 40%) and Postage Charges Extra 

No. of Pages: 296

Author: Anshu Chaturvedi

ISBN : 978-93-82688-44-0.


DNHE-2 Public Health and Hygiene

DNHE-3 Nutrition and Health Education

DNHE-3 Nutrition and Health Education


Block-1 Nutrition and Health Status of the Community

Unit-1 Learning and Working with the Community

Unit-2 Community Nutrition and Health

Unit-3 Factors Influencing Community Health and Nutrition

Block-2 Themes and Messages in Nutrition and Health Education

Unit-4 Themes in Nutrition Education

Unit-5 Themes in Health Education

Unit-6 Messages in Nutrition and Health Education

Block-3 Methods of Communication in Nutrition and Health Education

Unit-7 Group Communication Methods

Unit-8 Mass Communication Media

Unit-9 Presentation of Selected Communication Media

Unit-10 Non-Machine Media—Planning and Preparation

Unit-11 Machine Operated Devices—Planning and Preparation

Block-4 Approaches in Nutrition and Health Education

Unit-12 Traditional Approaches

Unit-13 Presentation of Traditional Approaches

Unit-14 Modern Approaches

Unit-15 Presentation of Modern Approaches

Block-5 Community Strategies in Nutrition and Health Education

Unit-16 Individual Strategies

Unit-17 Community Strategies

Unit-18 Presentation of the Operation of Selected Strategies

Block-6 Nutrition Programmes

Unit-19 Past and Present Nutrition Programmes

Unit-20 Nutrition Education Programmes–Planning, Implementation and Evaluation

Unit -21 Organising Successful Nutrition and Health

Programmes: Selected Process Models

Question Papers

1. Solution Paper-June:2011

2. Solution Paper-December:2011

3. Solution Paper-June: 2012

4. Solution Paper-December:2012

5. Solution Paper-June: 2013

6. Solution Paper-December:2013

Rs. 140 (Minimum Discount 40%) and Postage Charges Extra 
No. of Pages: 229
Author: Anshu Chaturvedi
ISBN : 978-93-82688-45-7.


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