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IGNOU MA Education Books

Our organization specializes in providing IGNOU M.Ed. Books at reasonable rates. These books cover all the topics related to subject and as per IGNOU standards. We also fulfill the bulk requirement of our clients within the committed time frame.

IGNOU MA Education Books

MES-051 Education:Philosophical and Sociological Perspective

MES-051 Education:Philosophical and Sociological Perspective


Chapter-01 : Education : Concept, Nature, Characteristics and Forms
Chapter-02 : Philosophy : Meaning, Nature and Characteristics
Chapter-03 : Education : A Philosophical Perspective
Chapter-04 : Knowledge and Truth
Chapter-05 : Indian Schools of thought : Ancients and Medieval
Chapter-06 : Western Schools of Thought
Chapter-07 : Thinkers of Education : Indian
Chpater-08 : Thinkers of Education: Western
Chapter-09 : Understanding Education : A Sociological Perspective
Chapter-10 : Social Structure, Social Stratification and Social Mobility : Impact on Educational Processes
Chapter-11 : Education, Social Change and Social Control
Chapter-12 : Culture Modernisation and Globalisation : Impact on Education
Chapter-13 : Societal System : School as a Social System
Chapter-14 : State, Community and the School System
Chapter-15 : Education and National Development
Chapter-16 : Ideology and the School System
Chapter-17 : Recent Trends in Societal Evolution
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Rs. 140 (Minimum Discount 40%) and Postage Charges Extra
No. of Pages: 209
Author : Anjula Singh
ISBN : 978-93-82688-35-8.

MES-52 Psychology Of Learning and Teaching


Chapter-01 : Psychological Perspectives Of Education : Implications For Teachers

Chapter-02 : Learning Theories And Approaches

Chapter-03 : Individual Differences

Chapter-04 : Educational Psychology Practicals


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Solution Paper - June:2011

Solution Paper - December:2011

Solution Paper - June:2012

Solution Paper - December:2012

Solution Paper - June:2013

Rs.140 (Minimum Discount 40%) and Postage Charges Extra

No. of Pages: 189

Author: Anjula Singh

ISBN: 978-93-82688-36-5.


MES-52 Psychology Of Learning and Teaching

MES-053 Educational Management, Planning and Finance

MES-053 Educational Management, Planning and Finance

Contents Covered


Block-1 Educational Management: Meaning and Scope

Unit-1 Nature and Scope and Functions of Educational Administration and Management

Unit-2 Historical Perspective of Educational Management in India

Unit-3 Theories of Management and their Implications for Education

Unit-4 Total Quality Management in Education: Concept and Approaches


Block-2 Educational Planning

Unit-1 Concept and Scope of Educational Planning

Unit-2 Approaches to Educational Planning

Unit-3 Educational Planning at the National and State Levels

Unit-4 Educational Planning at District and Institutional Levels

Unit-5 Educational Planning in India: Progress, Problems and Prospects


Block-3 Financing of Education

Unit-1 Education and Investment

Unit-2 Financing of Education in India since Independence

Unit-3 Sources of Finance

Unit-4 Budgeting of Education: Types and Procedures


Block-4 Recent Trends in Educational Management in India

Unit-1 Globalisation and Internationalisation and their Impact on Educational Policies, Planning, Financing and Management

Unit-2 Decentralised Planning and Management: Problems and Issues

Unit-3 Quality Assurance in Educational Management: Monitoring and Evaluation System

Unit-4 Institutional Autonomy and Accountability

MES-053 Educational management, Planning and finance i
Rs. 140 (Minimum Discount 40%) and Postage Charges Extra
No. of Pages: 180
Author : Anjula Singh
ISBN :978-93-82688-37-2.

MES-054 Methodology of Educational Research

Contents Covered

Block-1 Educational Research
Unit-1 Methods of Acquiring Knowledge
Unit-2 Educational Research: Meaning, Types, Scope, and Limitations
Unit-3 Research Paradigm: Quantitative Research
Unit-4 Research Paradigm: Qualitative Research
Block-2 Research Problem
Unit-1 Survey, Review and Importance of Related Literature
Unit-2 Selection, Definition and Evaluation of Research Problem
Unit-3 Hypothesis: Meaning, Types, Characteristics, and Testing of Hypotheses
Unit-4 Preparation of the Research Proposal
Block-3 Data Collection and Analysis
Unit-1 Sampling Methods
Unit-2 Tools of Research - I
Unit-3 Tools of Research - II
Block-4 Analysis and Interpretation of Data
Unit-1 Types of Data: Quantitative and Qualitative
Unit-2 Analysis of Quantitative Data: Descriptive Statistics
Unit-3 Analysis of Quantitative Data: Inferential Statistics (Parametric)
Unit-4 Analysis of Quantitative Data: Inferential Statistics (Non-Parametric)
Unit-5 Analysis of Qualitative Data
Block-5Methods of Research
Unit-1 Philosophical and Historical Research
Unit-2 Descriptive Research (Including Case Study)
Unit-3 Experimental Research
Unit-4 Ex-Post Facto Research
Unit-5 Action Research
Block-6Research Report and Dissemination
Unit-1 Meaning and Scope of Research Report
Unit-2 Formats of Research Reports
Unit-3 Presentation of Tables and Figures in the Research Report
Unit-4 Editing, Footnotes, References, Bibliography
Unit-5 Dissemination of Research Findings
Chapter-1 Educational Research
Chapter-2 Research Problem
Chapter-3 Data Collection and Analysis
Chapter-4 Analysis and Interpretation of Data
Chapter-5 Methods of Research
Chapter-6 Research Report and Dissemination
Appendix Tables
Table (A) : Binomial Distribution
Table (B) :Normal Area Table
Table (C) : t-Distribution
Table (D) :Critical Values of F-Ratio (5% level of significance)
Table (E) : Critical Values of F-Distribution (1% level of significance)
Table (F) :Critical Values of Chi-square Distribution
Table (G) : Conversion of Person r into a corresponding Fisher’s coefficient
Table (H) :Table of critical values of T in the Wilicoxon matched pairs signed ranks test
Question Papers
June: 2011 (Solved)
December: 2011 (Solved)
June: 2012 (Solved)
December: 2012 (Solved)
June: 2013 (Solved)
December: 2013 (Solved)

Rs.180 (Minimum Discount 40%) and Postage Charges Extra

No. of Pages: 349

Author: Anjula Singh

ISBN: 978-93-82688-38-9. 

MES-054 Methodology of Educational Research

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